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Health and Social Care Consultancy

With the ever-changing legislation and added services in healthcare, healthcare consultancy can be a valuable choice. If you are dealing with some particular challenges or are looking to improve the management within your healthcare organisation, we are glad to offer you some assistance.

With our advice we wish to bring sustainable solutions for healthcare providers and organisations. That’s why our consulting package helps you to:

Improve your outcomes and productivity

Organise and track flow of medicines across hospitals and communities, 

Develop your strategic plans, for instance to improve upon your healthcare quality

Healthcare consultancy services we offer

We deliver excellent consultancy support across a range of fields. If you need some help with any of the below, you’re sure to find an excellent consultant with us.

Clinical safety risk management

DCB0129: Prepared by our Clinical Safety team; this standard is designed to help manufacturers of health IT software evidence the clinical safety of their products.


Receive full lifecycle advice and solutions for your electronic prescribing.


With a dedicated national advisor in Patient Safety you will receive high-level advice for your digital healthcare systems.

Product configuration & implementation

Our consultancy services offer help with product configuration and implementation.

Re-engineer Medicines Management and ERP

We offer advice and help with re-engineering your medicine management and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Strategy, tactical planning & telecare

Receive help with your strategy and tactical planning. In addition, we offer telecare to support virtual wards and clinics

Consultancy & software package

Make use of our consultancy by itself or combine it with our software solutions. We offer 6 digital healthcare solutions, from medical fridge monitoring to prescription tracking and document management.

Who can use our consultancy services?

There’s no fixed box within health and social care for our consultancy. If you need help, our door is always open. That said, we have found a number of organisations that tend to reach out to us most:

Clinical Commissioning Groups

General Practices



Primary Care Networks

Voluntary care organisations

Extensive healthcare experience


Our healthcare consulting service

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