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Prescription Tracking


Every Trust strives to monitor prescriptions received, track workflow, provide required information to wards and facilitate a timely discharge process. Prescriptions are sometimes received by fax or email. They need to be logged and processed, and originators must be kept informed of their status. Trying to stay on top of this process for multiple prescriptions for multiple sites often presents a challenge.



A platform to manage multiple workflows at multiple sites, record errors in real-time, and expedite discharges with clear statuses and messaging. The platform can be managed on screen or using barcode scanners and includes real-time dashboards for wards and clinics to support operational processes to help transform services. Our Classical Prescription Tracking module has a track record of over a decade and is a Novartis award winner for innovation. 


A single base platform that provides classic tracking and opens the gateway for several modules to support and transform multiple medicines management pathways. Multiple dashboards in real time help support operational and strategic transformation.

Our Solutions