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Leading healthcare software developer

Who We Are

Promatica Digital is a leading healthcare software developer with solutions installed at over 20 trusts across the UK.

The company was founded as digital solutions for the NHS grew in importance. The founding team has over 25 years of experience working across the NHS. This knowledge and experience means that Promatica Digital has a unique perspective. With this insight we create solutions that actually make a difference and design software that solves problems for people working in health and social care.

Our aim is to make sure our services provide a better experience for our customers which further helps them provide better outcomes for patients. We have received many positive comments and commendations for our solutions from our amazing customers who work with us in partnership.

It's with your support and help we continue to innovate and challenge the market, this drives improvement.

With their support and help, we continue to innovate and challenge the market in order to drive improvement. Today, we have systems to help you better manage operational and strategic goals, backed by a foundation of evidence through your data. Join us on our journey today.

Founding Promatica Digital

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Who We Are

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